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A fantastic way to support our local hospice care here in Surrey and North East Hampshire.

When you play the Tuckwell Chase Lottery you help provide a secure source of income for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care for adults and Shooting Star Chase, Children’s Hospice Care for children and teenagers.

That means you help offer dignity, peace, calm and freedom from pain to people at the end of their lives, and also to those who need a special place to go for care or respite.

A chance to win up to £1000 every week.

And it’s so simple. For every £1 you choose to play, you get a unique number that is entered every Friday into a draw to win one of 73 cash prizes, ranging from £5 to the top prize of £1,000. 

People we help

1 in 3 people in our area are touched by Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice
Dolly's Story

“I know every man says this, but Dolly was the perfect wife, really special,” says Malcolm Hammond.

“We were a great family unit and Dolly was the hub of that unit – she was the Mother Hen.”

Dolly was diagnosed with breast cancer late in 2011 and unfortunately, as Malcolm said, “The doctor came in and said ‘you’re not going to like me, I’m not going to operate’ - it was both incurable and inoperable.”